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The critics noticed especially great distinctive character of the Duo Ensemble and very high level of the interplay of both artists. The high advanced technic, rich, shiny, silver sound of Josef´s cello and Petr´s colorful piano looks to be infinite - without any borders of musical views. As soon as Josefs cello starts singing, the Ensemble grabs the hearts and holds the whole audience to the end.

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Nikkei - Japan Economic Journal
"Faithfully pursues the substance of the music"
"....The high musicality and sincere performance of Karlicek Duo is genuine. But what the brothers have in common is the humble attitude of not showing off their higly sophisticated and stable technique.... "
Kotaro Yamazaki, Aug. 22 at Nihon University, Casals Hall in Tokyo
"BRAVO" - Japan Music Magazine
Throughout this CD, the two soloists display their individuality yet beautifully unite as to prove the correspondence of their origin and expression which bring out the dynamics of the duo. Josef's cello is quiet and restrained which is the quintessential voice of Czech's strings. The piano performance is extremely eloquent. Petr clearly set forth that Rachmaninoff is the master of piano. Last movement of the Beethoven is to be focused on. The dialogue exchanged between the cello and the piano within the fast tempo of the piece is utterly thrilling.
Katsuhiko Shibata
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